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All Together is an ASMSU Registered Student Organization that was created to socially support individuals with cognitive and intellectual disabilities, through positive interactions and support by the participants of the club and community. We aim to hold multiple public events to provide unique and fun activities that help build character and further social development.


President - Brennan Haugen 
  • Brennan is seeking degrees in Psychology & Human Biology. He hopes to pursue medicine and attend a masters prior to after undergrad. He has a passion for helping others, and aspires to learn more about the field of global health.

  • He is part of the Social Science Scholars Program and RADD Lab at MSU. He also researches at Wayne State University Medical School.

  • He has always been interested in learning about and creating a positive environment for children with developmental disabilities. He has a younger sibling with developmental disabilities, and loves interacting and hanging out with people like him. Brennan is a founding member of All Together.

Vice President - Jonah Cummings
  •  Jonah Cumings is a sophomore pursuing a political science degree.

  • In his spare time Jonah loves to run.

  • He also works with the Senior Ambassadors Program, connecting students with seniors for weekly conversations.

Treasurer - James Hager 
  • James is majoring in Quantitative Mathematics and Data Science.

  • After he completes his undergraduate degree he plans to pursue his PhD. 

  • His passion for helping those with developmental disabilities began at an early age when he tutored younger classmates with developmental disabilities in math and reading.

  • James is a founding member of All Together. This has enabled him to continue his support by creating awareness and building a more positive and inclusive environment on campus and the community. 

PR Executive - Aryn Hillman
  • Aryn is a creative advertising major with a focus in art direction

  • She hopes to pursue a career in global advertising.

  • Aryn has spent her last few summers coaching at a public high school. Through this experience she found joy in creating bonds with students and fostering a small community space where those students could feel welcomed and at home. She hopes to extend those warm experiences into the club as well and help create more safe spaces for students in the East Lansing community.

Secretary- Morgan Willis 
  • Morgan is a sophomore pursing a dual major in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology as well as a minor in health promotion

  • Outside of All Together she is also a member of Tower Guard and PMA

  • "I went to a meeting with a friend and fell in love with our mission and the kids I met at the Launch event."

Social Co-Chair - Katie Wells- Schmidt
  • Katie is a Zoology Major stemming from her love for animals.

  • She is an RA for a dorm hall at Michigan State University

  • She is a Direct Support Professional for adults who have I/DD, SPMI and ASD

  • In her spare time Katie loves to play video games particularly of the Legend of Zelda franchise

IMG_2079 (1).PNG
Social Co-Chair - Katherine Milstone
  • Katherine is a sophomore at MSU pursing a degree in Human Biology

  • Katherine is a hospice volunteer

  • Pre Med

  • Is a ULA for an honors bio lab

  • "I joined All Together because I was excited to hopefully bring some extra positivity into kids lives and offer them a fun experience! I cannot wait to see what this semester brings for the organization!"

Fundraising Chair- Shriya Desai
  • Shriya is a freshman pursuing a degree in neuroscience in Lyman Briggs College.

  • Other than All Together, she is also a part of:

    • Pre-soma club.

    • Neuroscience club

  • Shriya also was a patient care volunteer at NYU Langone health

PR Executive - Ryan Morris
  • Ryan is a Digital Storytelling Major hoping to pursue a career in film and video production

  • In his spare time he loves to watch movies, read and workout

  • Ryan joined All Together to help his community, particularly those that are developmentally disabled as he understands the need for this program with himself having an IEP education due to being on the ASD. Ryan also has an uncle who has a developmental disability

  • He is a part of the Ballet Club, Art History Club and KESEM



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