All Together is an ASMSU Registered Student Organization that was created to socially support individuals with cognitive and intellectual disabilities, through positive interactions and support by the participants of the club and community. We aim to hold multiple public events to provide unique and fun activities that help build character and further social development.


President - Brennan Haugen 
  • Brennan is a Psychology/Pre-Med major. He hopes to pursue medicine and attend medical school after undergrad. He has a passion for helping others, and aspires to learn more about the field of medicine.

  • He is part of the Social Science Scholars Program and RADD Research at MSU.

  • He has always been interested in learning about and creating a positive environment for children with developmental disabilities. He has a younger sibling with developmental disabilities, and loves interacting and hanging out with people like him. He founded this club in hopes of creating a positive and welcoming environment.

Vice President - Kellie Vo
  • Kellie is a human biology major and a health promotion minor.

  • She hopes to attend PA school to become a physician assistant in dermatology.

  • She currently work at a dialysis clinic where she helps treat patients with kidney disease. She loves to help people and bring a smile to their faces. She helped found All Together because of this very reason. She looks forward to bringing children of many backgrounds together to create a positive environment for everyone.

Treasurer - James Hager 
  • James is a mathematics major with a data science minor.

  • He hopes to have a career in mathematical finance or quantitative risk management. After undergrad he plans to pursue his masters in data science or other mathematics field. 

  • In elementary school he was a tutor for children with developmental disabilities and wanted to be able to continue to support an unrecognized group of individuals at the University level.

PR Executive - Aryn Hillman
  • Aryn is a creative advertising major with a minor in global studies.

  • She hopes to pursue a career in global advertising with a focus on art direction.

  • Aryn has spent her last few summers coaching at a public high school. Through this experience she found joy in creating bonds with students and fostering a small community space where those students could feel welcomed and at home. She hopes to extend those warm experiences into the club as well and help create more safe spaces for students in the East Lansing community.

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Secretary- Caralyn Wolcott 
  • Caralyn is a finance major

  • She will be a junior at Michigan State next year.

  • She joined All Together because she wanted to bring a sense of inclusiveness around the Michigan State campus and she believes it is important that all children feel welcomed into a safe environment as they grow up.

Organizational Outreach Chair- Mandy Doan
  • Mandy is a freshman pursuing a degree in Biomedical Laboratory Science.

  • Other than All Together, she is also a sister of Alpha Phi Gamma and the Vietnamese Student Association

  • She joined All Together because she wanted to make a difference in the community and meet more people while doing it. She enjoys working with others while making memories.

Co- Fundraising Chair - Kenneth Rogers
  • Kenneth is a chemistry major with a minor in Pharm/Tox

  • Kenneth will be beginning his sophomore year in the fall('25)

  • Other than All Together, he is also a part of Rather Hall Govt. and MSU Chess Club

  •  He joined All Together to support those who have disabilities and the parents who may feel overwhelmed at times.

  • "As I walk through college, I wanted to find my place in life, and with the passion for anatomy, community, and giving back, All Together is the melting pot of all three!"

Co- Fundraising Chair- Jenna Truong
  • Jenna is pursuing a major in Human Biology with a minor in Health Promotion.

  • Jenna is a senior with plans to graduate in the fall semester of 2022

  • Other than All Together, she is also a part of the Vietnamese Student Association, Pilipinx American Student Society, and Alpha Phi Gamma.

  • She decided to join All Together because she wanted to contribute and make a change within the community.

  • "Not only does All Together offer a platform where I can share my passion for people, but it also allows me to interact and engage with others while making good memories."



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